About Our Tutor - Annisa

Annisa first contact with Western hand embroidery when she moved to New Zealand in 1998 . She was fascinated of this embroidery art . She devoted a handsome time and efforts to learn and master the different embroidery skills from the embroidery artists in New Zealand and Australia .

After returning to Hong Kong, she was committed to promoting embroidery art and set up Dancing Needles Embroidery studio in 2004 and started to teach embroidery classes. She was the first to introduce Western embroidery lectures . Under her careful guidance, students can produce high-quality work .

Her three-dimensional ribbon embroidery piece - " Black Swan " was awarded the Excellence Award at the 2012 International Ribbon embroidery competition. The awarded embroidery entries was posted in the book "Silk Ribbon Embroidery - a collaborations from Artists around the world"

With endless passion to pursuit in different level of embroidery , during the year 2013 & 2014 Annisa went to Paris to take the specialised professional courses of French HAUTE COUTURE Embroidery at the Chanel embroidery school -Ecole Lesage and International School of Embroidery Art .


Annisa was joining the Embroidery Courses in Australia and New Zealand.