Embroidery Course Outline 

Dancing Needles Embroidery course are critically structured by Annisa Lam - Course Instructor and Founder of "Dancing Needles" embroidery studio. Annisa is passionate to share her extensive knowledge in different aspects and dimensions of the embroidery world.

Ribbon Embroidery & Stumpwork Course

Ribbon Embroidery & stumpwork Course is specially designed for ribbon embroidery enthusiast, In this course, Annisa will share with students all the appropriate techniques, ideas and different aspects in ribbon embroidery and stumpwork (3 dimensional embroidery)

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Mixed Form Embroidery Course

In Mixed form embroidery course, Annisa teaches students to working with different forms of embroidery majoring in thread work.

Course contents include: foundation skills in Ribbon Embroidery, Raised Embroidery, Blackwork, Stumpwork, Brazilian Embroidery, Surface Embroidery, Embroidery applique, Long & Short Stitches & Thread painting skills.

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Haute Couture Embroidery Course

Broderie Haute Couture is French. Haute represents top, Couture refers fashion clothing for women. Unlike traditional hand embroidery using needles. Haute Couture Embroidery combines needle embroidery and Luneville hook embroidery technique. Top brand clothing such as Chanel, Lanvin, Christian Dior, YSL are well known for their sophisticated custom-made clothing using couture embroidery technique giving a gorgeous expensive symbol.

Such embroidery technique can widely applied on costumes, from evening wear, beaded dress, bridal handbags to casual wear. You can also create a unique work according to your own preferences.

Haute Couture embroidery course enables particpants to experience this unique skills. Any person who is interested in embroidery and related field are welcome.

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Tatting Lace Course

Understanding Tatting Lace, learn to use and apply Tatting Lace basic technique onto patterns, finished products can be use as bookmarks, decorations.....

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Hardanger Embroidery Course

Hardanger is one of the most popular form of embroidery techniques of drawn thread/pull thread. It origins from Norway. Our Hardanger embroidery course comprises of three levels: beginners, intermediate , advance module .

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