Haute Couture Embroidery Course ( Broderie Haute Couture )
Level One

Course objectives :

Introduction to Haute Couture embroidery techniques , practice using the special tool - Luneville hook to embroider and apply tubes , facets sequins on the embroidery piece .

Characteristic :

Combining of Luneville hook and traditional needle embroidery techniques . In French Haute Couture embroidery many of the stitches , particularly beads & sequins are stitch from the wrong side of fabric .


* Pre-start : frame setting , mounting fabric on frame

* Needle embroidery technique :

Flat stitch
Chenille embroidery
Using Paille( raphia) with traditional hand embroidery stitch
Long & Short stitching & shading
French knot
Applying beads

* Luneville technique :

Handling the hook
How to start & end the thread
Essential basic stitches ( chainette)
Pulling stitch
Filling in
Applying facet sequins " in a river"
Applying tubes " in a river"
Back & forth chainette ( tight back stitch )
Application of metallic gold thread

* Finishing stage:

Final undressing

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